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Danish cyclist Nielsen acquitted of doping

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 06:40 AM PDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP): Denmark's anti-doping body has acquitted cyclist Philip Nielsen of intentionally doping during last year's Tour of Mexico.

Torben Jessen of the Danish sports federation's doping board said on Tuesday that Nielsen didn't know there was a risk when he ate beef contaminated with clenbuterol, for which he tested positive.

Jessen said there was "no reason" to ban him for doping. The board immediately lifted his suspension imposed by the UCI on Sept. 30.

Nielsen was a member of Team Concordia when he rode the Tour of Mexico in April and May 2010.

Alberto Contador also tested positive for clenbuterol from beef in winning his third Tour de France last year. He eventually was cleared.

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Ecclestone absent from F1 season opener

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 01:36 AM PDT

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP): Organizers of this weekend's Australian Grand Prix say the absence of Formula One powerbroker Bernie Ecclestone from the season opener should not be read as the death knell for the event.

Ecclestone will not attend the Melbourne race but will instead be in New York to hold talks with its mayor Michael Bloomberg about a possible future race on Staten Island.

Ecclestone had expressed impatience at the local government's complaints about the cost of staging the Mebourne race, as well as the seeming impossibility of making it a night event to suit European television audiences.

Melbourne mayor Robert Doyle said Tuesday that "it is reasonable that we have a discussion about the grand prix when the time comes, which is when the licence fee is up again."

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