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Chong Wei's last chance

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 04:43 PM PDT

By K.M. Boopathy

 Chong Wei poses with the  Inspira from sponsor Proton yesterday. — Picture by Osman Adnan

Chong Wei poses with the Inspira from sponsor Proton yesterday. — Picture by Osman Adnan

THERE won't be another attempt in the 2013 World Championships and this year's edition in London, said Lee Chong Wei, is his final chance to win the title.

Chong Wei, who has never reached the final in the World Championships, said he is not looking at competing in 2013 as several factors, including injuries, may stop him from doing so and he wants to focus on winning the event this year.

Enjoying one of his best starts this year, Chong Wei has already won three international titles and last month's All England triumph not only earned him a Proton Inspira 2.0 from the BA of Malaysia's (BAM) sponsor yesterday, but he has also gained confidence to do even better in coming events.

"I want to focus on this year's World Championships first as I don't know whether I will still be playing in 2013. I don't need any more inspiration and I am hoping to win the title in London," said Chong Wei.

"I have had a good start this year and I want to keep the momentum going but at the same time, I will continue to be selective in choosing tournaments so that I can concentrate more on my preparations.

"I will play in the India, Malaysia and Indonesia Opens before the World Championships.

"The All England victory has given me confidence and I will give everything I can to try and win the World Championships.

"I received a Proton Perdana V6 for my Beijing Olympics silver medal and it is a great gesture from Proton to reward me with the Inspira.

"I also hope the younger players will start winning and gaining perks from the sponsors."

BAM president Datuk Seri Nadzmi Salleh, who is the chairman of Proton, confirmed again that Chong Wei will continue training with Tey Siu Bock while his former coach Misbun Sidek will take charge of a group of back-up shuttlers if he accepts his new contract.

Misbun has not officially accepted the contract and he until Thursday to do so as the BAM executive council will meet on the same day to decide the matter.

"Taking Misbun's vast experience into consideration, we have offered him to coach several back-up players and we are looking forward to getting one or two top class players from him the future," said Nadzmi.

"Hendrawan is already working with the back-up players and I am optimistic Misbun's presence will give them a further boost.

"We have also decided that Misbun can coach his son Ramdan if he returns and we genuinely hope he will accept the contract.

"Chong Wei's current arrangements will not change as he is comfortable with Siu Bock and we don't want to break the winning combination."

Chong Wei will be leaving for New Delhi tomorrow to compete in the India Open where he will start as the favourite in the absence of Lin Dan of China.

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Football: Win marred by controversy

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 04:37 PM PDT

By Arnaz M. Khairul

Shahrul Mat Amin launched his attack for the finish line early to overcome Zamri Salleh.

Shahrul Mat Amin launched his attack for the finish line early to overcome Zamri Salleh.

SHAHRUL Mat Amin rode solo across the finish line to claim victory in the Malacca leg of the National Grand Prix Circuit in Bukit Katil yesterday, which was followed by controversy over prize money.

The 23-year-old Terengganu-Pro Asia Cycling Team rider made his attempt at breaking away from the peloton with 40 kilometres of the 156km race remaining and was joined by Armed Forces' Zamri Salleh.

Shahrul said he had launched his attack for the finish line earlier, knowing that Zamri was the better sprinter when it was clear that victory would be decided between them.

"I launched my attack earlier to leave Zamri behind because I knew that if I left it till late, he would definitely outsprint me," said Shahrul.

Pahang's Mohd Aim Mohd Fauzi took third spot, four minutes behind the lead pair.

There was some controversy at the finish when the organisers were said to have cut the prize money due to the slow pace of the race.

Shahrul crossed the finish line in four hours 55.281 seconds with an average speed of 38.851 kp/h.

Shahrul's teammate Anuar Manan expressed his displeasure about the situation after gaining an explanation from the organisers, stating: "This is the first time in my career that I've been in such a situation."

The women's elite race was won by national rider Jupha Somnet, ahead of reigning women's road national champion Mariana Mohamad and Kedah's Masziyaton Mohd Radzi in third.

Sofian Nabil Omar Bakri bagged victory in the junior men's race, for his third win in the series after winning the opening two rounds in Kota Baru and Kuala Lumpur.

Mohd Al Azani Zainal and Hamdan Hamidun took second and third spots respectively.

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