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Bahrain activists oppose resuming Bahrain GP

Posted: 25 Apr 2011 04:57 AM PDT

MANAMA, Bahrain (AP): Pro-democracy activists have launched a Facebook campaign calling on Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone not to reschedule the Bahrain Grand Prix until the government ends its crackdown on protesters.

The Youth of Feb. 14 Revolution posted an open letter on Facebook over the weekend calling on Ecclestone not to allow the race to go forward "until basic human rights and freedoms are restored."

The Bahrain GP was scheduled to be the F1 season-opener on March 13, but was canceled in February by Bahrain's crown prince after protests paralyzed the country.

The F1 season began, instead, at the Australian GP in Melbourne on March 27.

The series' governing body has given Bahrain's federation until May 1 to decide if a new date can be set this year.

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Organizer of India's Commonwealth Games arrested

Posted: 25 Apr 2011 04:57 AM PDT

NEW DELHI (AP): Indian investigators say they have arrested the chief organizer of last year's scandal-plagued Commonwealth Games as part of a corruption probe.

The Central Bureau of Investigation said Monday that Suresh Kalmadi has been charged with conspiracy to favor a Swiss company in the purchase of equipment for timing and scoring events. It also says the prices were inflated.

Two other officials on the Games' organizing committee were arrested earlier for involvement in the same case. The bureau, the Indian equivalent of the FBI, accuses Lalit Bhanot and V.K. Verma of causing a huge loss to the Indian government by paying 1.41 billion rupees ($31 million) to Swiss Timings Ltd. for equipment available from another company for much less.

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