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Badminton: Quit threat if BAM goes soft

Posted: 13 Jan 2011 03:48 PM PST

By K.M. Boopathy

Ramdan Misbun  is at the centre of attention in  his father’s ongoing tussle with BAM. — Picture  by Osman Adnan

Ramdan Misbun is at the centre of attention in his father's ongoing tussle with BAM. — Picture by Osman Adnan

SEVERAL members of the BA of Malaysia (BAM) coaching and training committee (CTC) have hinted at quitting their positions if the association accepts Misbun Sidek back as national singles coach under his conditions.

Penang BA (PBA) secretary Tony Tan said that he will resign as a member of the CTC if BAM decides to restructure the training programme. Tony said the decision to place Misbun's son, Misbun Ramdan, under Hendrawan's guidance had been one of the main grouses of the coach but it was a collective CTC decision. Tony added that president Datuk Seri Nadzmi Salleh, the executive council (Exco) and the council have endorsed the new training structure and it should not be disrupted to accommodate any individual.

"The new structure has been agreed upon by all. The president and the council have endorsed it and we should not make changes to accommodate one person. If that happens, then I will resign as a member of the CTC," said Tony yesterday.

"The sentiment is shared by several of us as our intention to come up with the new structure is to move forward and catch up with other countries, especially China.

"Placing Ramdan under Hendrawan was one of the issues but it was a majority decision. There are several other players who are above him in the ranking and we have to be fair to them or they will start to question our system if Ramdan moves to to the elite squad.

"People will say that we are practicing double standards and we must avoid that.

"If someone doesn't want to follow decisions of the CTC and our suggestions are ignored all the time, there is no point sitting on the committee."
Sarawak BA secretary Abdul Hadi Abdul Kadir, also a member of the CTC, was against BAM meddling with the new structure in order to allow Misbun back into the fold as it will defeat the purpose of the association.

"It is not advisable to revamp the new training structure just because of a single person. That is something we should not consider," said Hadi yesterday.
"Misbun should return without setting conditions and listen to why the new structure was set and why Ramdan must train under Hendrawan.

"There are a few things that can be considered but we cannot give in to Misbun's conditions 100 percent." Kedah BA (KBA) president Teoh Teng Chor also urged Misbun to give the new changes due consideration before jumping into conclusions.

"We (CTC) drew up the new structure after the Thomas Cup failure and Misbun wasn't very happy. But he should give it a try," said Teng Chor.

"Previously, the coaches were never under anyone's supervision and maybe they are alittle uncomfortable. But we are not here to control anyone but to help towards the betterment of the sport.

"Whether we are there or Misbun is still around, the system must function effectively as that's important. If we give in to pressure and disrupt the new structure, we will be heading backward again."

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Badminton: Nadzmi urges Misbun to drop conditions

Posted: 13 Jan 2011 03:43 PM PST

BAM president Datuk Nadzmi Salleh.

BAM president Datuk Nadzmi Salleh.

THE BA of Malaysia (BAM) president Datuk Nadzmi Salleh has asked singles coach Misbun Sidek to compromise for the sake of the nation and drop his terms and conditions to return to the national team.

Nadzmi said that the new national training structure and other changes pertaining the national team by the coaching and training committee (CTC) has been endorsed by the council, which is the highest authority of BAM.

Nadzmi said that he doesn't have the power to change the decision endorsed by the council.

Misbun had stated that he is only willing to have meeting with Nadzmi if the latter replies the letter that he has sent.

Misbun also added that he will quit badminton forever should his conditions not accepted by BAM.

"For the sake of the nation, I ask Misbun to sacrifice and compromise. If BAM is willing to to do the same, I am optimistic Misbun would be able to do so," said Nadzmi.

"Drop the terms and conditions for now and please reconsider the decision to resign.

"All the changes in the training structure by CTC has been endorsed by the council and I have no power to overturn the decision. If changes are made for one person, I will be deemed as practicing double standards.

"I hope Misbun will have a rethink and I am ready for a discussion with him."

It remains to be seen whether Misbun will agree to drop his conditions but that appears to be the only way he can return as the national singles coach.

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